. Separated tabs for chats
. Option to access unread chats
. Single removal of the dialogs in the search history
. Sorting, Hiding, Turning off accounts in the side menu
. Sorting side menu
. Special contacts
. Showing contacts’ changes
. Download Manager
. Bookmark messages
. Go to the first message in a chat
. Locking and Hiding chats
. Lock sending
. Changing background of a chat individually
. Forwarding messages without quoting
. Edit and repost (Forward with pre-editing)
. Painting option to send paint
. Option to convert photo to sticker
. Option to convert video to round video
. Voice changer
. Copy part of a text message
. Supporting 10 accounts
. Choosing specific theme for each account
. …

What’s New:
. Supporting new animated emojies
. Let TurboTel create suggested tabs for you
. Search Bar (a layout for those who prefer iOS design)
. Show ‘Archived Chats’ in any tab
. Show a pencil icon instead of a text to specify edited messages

★★★ MOD ★★★

Removed ads
Removed analytics
Removed sponsored ads
Removed sponsor channel from proxy
.webpack features unlocked
Splashscreen made black
Hidden notice about Services
Optimized resources

Starting from version 6.3.0, the developer changed the name of the package, so if you already have TurboTel version 6.2.2 and below installed, then the new one will be installed side by side, but not on top.


This app has no advertisements



TurboTel v8.9.4 [Mod] Arm APK / Mirror

TurboTel v8.9.4 [Mod] Arm64 APK / Mirror

Older Version

TurboTel v8.7.2 [Mod] Arm APK / Mirror

TurboTel v8.7.2 [Mod] Arm64 APK / Mirror


TurboTel v8.6.3 [Mod] Arm APK / Mirror

TurboTel v8.6.3 [Mod] Arm64 APK / Mirror

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