. Separated tabs for chats
. Option to access unread chats
. Single removal of the dialogs in the search history
. Sorting, Hiding, Turning off accounts in the side menu
. Sorting side menu
. Special contacts
. Showing contacts’ changes
. Download Manager
. Bookmark messages
. Go to the first message in a chat
. Locking and Hiding chats
. Lock sending
. Changing background of a chat individually
. Forwarding messages without quoting
. Edit and repost (Forward with pre-editing)
. Painting option to send paint
. Option to convert photo to sticker
. Option to convert video to round video
. Voice changer
. Copy part of a text message
. Supporting 10 accounts
. Choosing specific theme for each account
. …

What’s New:
Source code is updated to v.8.3.1:
• Protected content. Authors can limit the ability to save media, take screenshots and forward messages from their groups and channels.
• Delete by date. Tap the date header in 1-on-1 chats and select a date range to clear chat history from that period.
• Device management. Quickly connect desktop and web versions via QR codes. Control which devices may accept Calls or new Secret Chats.
• Comment as one of your channels in public groups

★★★ MOD ★★★
• Ads Removed
• Analytics Removed
• hidden the sponsor channel
• included the capabilities of the .web package

This app has no advertisements



TurboTel v8.3.1 [Mod] Arm APK / Mirror

TurboTel v8.3.1 [Mod] Arm64 APK / Mirror

Older Version

TurboTel v7.9.3 [Mod] Arm APK / Mirror

TurboTel v7.9.3 [Mod] Arm64 APK / Mirror


TurboTel v7.8.2 [Mod] Arm APK / Mirror

TurboTel v7.8.2 [Mod] Arm64 APK / Mirror

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